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Defending clients from claims related to asbestos, silica, mold, and lead. Currently, the most active of these claims involve defending clients alleged to have caused asbestos-related injuries. Jeff and Ric have defended manufacturers, suppliers, and contractors related to these asbestos claims. In particular, they have defended clients who manufactured or supplied raw asbestos, friction products, gaskets, boilers, roofing products, packing, pipe covering, wire and cable products, as well as defended premises liability cases. 

In addition to defending toxic tort cases, Jeff and Ric have defended very large retail stores as suppliers and several manufacturers of products. This has included a wide array of products, including gas containers, gas grills, commercial kitchen equipment, lift trucks, candles, medical products, office chairs, and pet leashes to name a few.

Our attorneys have extensive experience in defending trucking companies, common carriers, ambulance companies, and even ore boats. They have defended hundreds of personal injury cases involving automobiles, tractor trailers, and ambulances. Whether it is a simple rear-end accident or a wrongful death case, CRK has the experience in this area to protect you. We have defended numerous companies, including:

• Defending Trucking Companies from Highway Accidents Including Wrongful Death
• Defending Ambulance Companies when Patients are Injured en Route to Another Facility or the Hospital
• Defending Ambulance Companies Involved in Accidents with Other Drivers
• Subrogation Lawsuits involving Property Damages to Tractor Trailers and/or Ambulances

Family Law 

Family law matters cut to the very heart of who we are. Divorce, child custody and other issues redefine our most personal relationships.
We are your advocate who knows how to ensure that your voice is heard and who knows how to help you secure the outcome you need.

Business Law​

Small businesses can benefit greatly from having experienced counsel at crucial moments as well as having an effective advocate to help them resolve disputes efficiently. Our experience serving the business community allows us to provide the business law counsel and advocacy business owners need.

Estate Planning and Probate 

When recommended, we assist in avoiding probate and making sure that your assets are protected.  When you have lost a loved one, and probate cannot be avoided, we will help shepherding you through the probate process,